Concierge Style

Home Maintenance:

No problem is too big or too small, we can help you with it ALL! 
Give us your list, we get it done right, the first time. 

Examples include:

  • Painting

  • Plumbing repairs

  • Electric repairs and new fixture installation

  • Asphalt coating

  • Concrete repairs

  • Drywall repairs

  • Light bulb replacement

  • Gutter maintenance and repair

  • Carpet and Tile cleaning

  • Window cleaning

  • Pressure washing

  • AC and Furnace maintenance, repairs, and installation

  • Snow removal

  • And much more ........

Log Cabin

"Ricky Priegel has worked for my husband and me, as well as for numerous friends and family members, for nearly 20 years. He has been invaluable, reliable, and loyal. Ricky has handled a diverse array of projects, from servicing our vehicles. checking on our mountain vacation home, overseeing and assisting with both interior and household improvements at both of our homes, shuttling our family to and from the airport for vacations, helping us move and haul things, changing air filters and hard to reach light bulbs and setting up holiday displays.... In short, Ricky has proven himself to be an indispensable right hand in our family. 

Ricky is a pleasure to work with, has impeccable manners, is prompt in following up and thorough in completing projects. 

Over the years, Ricky has helped us find trustworthy contractors and service people. He has also assisted us with purchasing used vehicles from caring and meticulous owners, sparing us from buying a lemon."

Services Used: Home & Vehicle Maintenance, Second Home Caretaker Services +

Kim Addison





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